Bringing Other Units Towards It!

So i was playing around with pathfindingservice for a new game im working on and i made it so if a unit is within range of another troop that troop will be “agro’ed” to the unit and if there are no units within range it will go to the tower!

Theres the video! Feedback is appreciated!

Neat concept. As for feedback, you should have a better check for detecting whether the NPC needs to jump or not, as apparent in the video.

Very nice, advice would be is if the model that is moving detects/connects a part that is in front of it that has possibly a certain amount of height (For example: Y = 5 studs), then it will jump, and if its too tall to jump (For example: Y = 10 studs), then it should figure out a new path to take to get to its destination that it finds first. Make sure to not let it keep jumping at random points like seen in the video. Anyways, nice job so far :smiley: