Brisko Affiliate Guide

Welcome! :tropical_drink:

:clipboard: Our Communications Department have formed this guide which entails all relevant and important information regarding our affiliate program at Brisko. We ask that you carefully revise our criteria and comprehend our regulations before submitting an affiliate application. You must meet our requirements in order to be considered โ€“ we do make exceptions on a very rare basis however you would need to consult with the Communications Lead before submitting your application who will determine whether or not you qualify for an exemption to our requirements.

Affiliate Requirements
  • Your group must have at least 5000 non-botted members
  • Your Discord must have a minimum of 100 members
  • Your Discord server must show satisfactory activity and engagement
  • Your group must have an immaculate reputation within the industry
  • We do not condone the selling of ranks which acquire administrative powers
Affiliate Expectations
  • Affiliates must write a detailed application using the correct syntax. It is highly suggested for them to write formative responses otherwise it will get refuted.
  • All of our alliances are to announce any event we inform them to, promptly. Not announcing our events in a constant way may lead to an alliance termination.
  • The group you are applying on behalf of must demonstrate a reasonable activity within their Roblox Group and Communications Server. This comprises daily messages in their community chat, daily group shouts, and an active announcements channel.
  • The group inquisitive in constructing an alliance must possess mature, professional, and outgoing staff members. All of our allianceโ€™s staff must remain professional while being at Brisko facilities.
  • The group must have a decent reputation within the industry. If we notice that your group has any past/current drama or scamming situations, weโ€™ll instantly refute your application.
Affiliate Application
  1. Please provide all group-federated links i.e. Discord and Roblox.
  2. Why do you wish to form an affiliation with Brisko?
  3. How can both establishments benefit from this potential affiliation?
  4. Do you agree to follow and uphold our regulations & expectations?
  5. Please list who will be representing on behalf of your group.

Thanks for showing interest in forming an affiliation with Brisko! If you have additional questions/concerns, please consult them with a member of the Brisko Communications Department. Applications are typically read within 24 hours however please allow us as much time as we require to review your application.

Many thanks,
Brisko Communications