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:green_book: Bristo Bakery - Official Public Handbook

Welcome to the official public handbook of Bristo. Here, you can view multiple informal topics, whom we’ve deemed necessary to be stated. They are here to provide you with useful information to guide you through our systems and operation. Any inquiries shall be handled through our support system within the community server.

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:card_index_dividers: General Handbook

Community Regulations

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Be Respectful

To ensure everyone feels welcome in our community, you must be kind and friendly to everyone. Do not discriminate, be homophobic, racist and keep your opinions to yourself. Ensure you keep drama out of our greatly adventurous and exciting community.

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Unpleasant Behaviour

For example, please, do not interfere with the great experiences of our members, by spamming in chats, performing trolls and other unnecessary actions. Ensure you do not purposely trigger people or bring NSFW contents nor topics to the community.

:mailbox_with_mail: Advertising

Advertisement of any sorts is not allowed. If you are caught to be self promoting your business for self-growth, your access to Bristo will be terminated. This is uncalled for, and just overall disrespectful as we work hard to grow and promote our community and it isn’t fair if you are “stealing” our members away from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

:left_speech_bubble: How can I get a job at Bristo?
To start working at Bristo, you are to play our application centre and from there, you are to finalize the trainee application. Once you’ve passed and have been ranked to beginner, you need to attend trainings to become an official Cashier.

:left_speech_bubble: How can I get promoted as a low ranked member?
For promotions as a low ranked member, you are to attend a set of trainings and fulfil your required amount of points to attend the next training. Every single time you finalize a training, you get promoted to the next rank.

:left_speech_bubble: What is Bristo Verified Staff?
Bristo Verified Staff is for our acknowledgeable employees to purchase and show their dedication towards our greatly adventurous community. This very gamepass comes with benefits such as application advantages, exclusive permissions and access towards exclusive features.

:left_speech_bubble: How can I form an affiliation with Bristo?
In order to form an affiliation with Bristo, we advise you to read the Partnering Information stated within the Partners Information below.

Partnership Information


If you are looking to form an affiliation with Bristo, you are to meet the following requirements and expectations below. In cases of your group not meeting the requirements of our public relations team, we will instantly decline your application.

  • Your group must withhold at least 1K non-botted members.
  • You are not to be selling ranks of Management and above. Low ranks are allowed.
  • Your group must be a company on the Roblox platform. Bristo will not affiliate with groups related to militaries, medieval roleplays and others.
  • You are required to possess a public discord server and a public Roblox group. They are both to be in-use and active, regarding the establishment itself.
  • Your group is demanded to be willing to announce our events, announcements and other notices. Keep in mind, Bristo does not announce any kinds of applications.
  • Your team is to maintain a healthy, diligent and welcoming environment, image and maturity within your establishment.
  • We demand at least two representatives from each partner and they may send up to four representatives.

First step to affiliating with us.

Once you have ensured that your establishment meets all of our requirements listed above, we ask you to start a document. With this, we intend on seeing your efforts within organizing, decorating and fulfilling our questions listed below. Please ensure to have every question answered, the best way possible. When you’ve ensured that your document is ready to be submitted, forward them to us through making a ticket under the reason of “others”. Our community invites are on the group page.

  1. What is your establishment called?
    Ensure to describe the group, its activity and to provide all vital links.
  2. How are you able to benefit Bristo, by being an affiliate?
  3. What makes your establishment stand out from others?
  4. Why do you think your establishment has the potential of being one of our partners?
  5. How can both establishments grow with each other?
  6. Who will be sent to represent your establishment at Bristo?
    We demand at least 2 and accept up to 4 representatives.

Thank you for being interested within affiliating with Bristo. :pray:

:memo: Employee Handbook

Low Rank System

Cashier Information

The lower ranked members are one of the major factors of why Bristo is as far as it is today. They thrive in exceeding their performances to get promoted, with the diligent mindset to achieve their goal of joining the management team. They continuously serve our greatly hungry customers with grand passion and ambition. Below, you may find the ranking system for low ranked members.

Becoming a beginner member.

On your path of joining our low ranked members team, you will have to play our application centre. Within this application centre, you will answer multiple-choice questions. You are allowed to get up to three mistakes through out the application. Getting enough questions correctly answered, will result with you passing the application and getting ranked to Beginner within the group.

Your path to management.

To now become a management member, you are to reach the highest low ranked member role. From there, you will be offered the option of filling in a new application to join our greatly managed management team. More information upon the management team will be provided to you, once it is so far.

To get to the highest low-ranked role within the group, you are to attend trainings. These trainings will consist of certain segments, which you will be demanded to perform within. If your performances are applicable to the defined requirements and are not lower than demanded, you pass the training. Every training session you pass, finalizes with you getting ranked to the next rank.

Alternative path from Kitchen Leader to Management.

Suppose you do not wish to fill in an application, or simply couldn’t pass the application for management, there is an alternative way for you! To get into the internship, you are to ensure your activity and performances are noticeable, exceed others and that you are on your best behaviour. Our management members will then notice your activity and serious dedication towards Bristo and your goal of becoming a management member yourself. Thus, they will consider executing the promotion procedure on you and once finalized and passed, you will be invited into our team. This does not mean you are an official member already. You are to go through the internship program and pass it, in order to become a Coordinator. Coordinator is the first official management rank.

Our tips on improving your chances for a promotion:

  • Have a frequent play-time daily within the Bristo games.
  • Do not try to hint and get a promotion by asking for it.
  • Safe Chat is highly prohibited.
  • You are to be within our communications server.
  • You must show knowledge on how to use proper grammar.
  • You are to provide good background, reputation, no history of hinting, etc.
Points and Trainings

Point System and its correlation with Trainings.

As it usually is rather easy to attend trainings and rank up, we have as well implemented a point system. This very system to ensure a limitation and encourages you to apply the knowledge you have now gathered from the previous training in the game. This way, you have to interact with customers and perform many duties as a low ranked member, in order to get points with the goal of attending the next training.

As a Beginner member, you are not eligible of performing any actions within the staff team and therefore are required to attend your first training with 0 points. After passing your very first training, you will be ranked to Cashier.

Cashier to Senior Baker
From Cashier to Senior Baker, your required points increase by 100. You start with the requirement of 80 points and then add 100 points to it. This means, once you reach 80 points as a cashier, you will be eligible of training for Senior Cashier. The next step would be to get 180 points to train for Baker.

Training Times

Training times are yet to be defined.

Recipe Guide

The recipes are yet to be defined.

Thank you! Thank you for taking great interest within Bristo.
For any kinds of inquiries, issues, etc., create a ticket within our community server. Our Support Team shall help you forward from that point

Take care and till next time, see ya! :wave:
The Bristo Corporation Family