British Army Corps of Royal Engineers Contract

British Army Corps of Royal Engineers

Hello British Army Developers and Interns! I am the Chief of Royal Engineers. You must reply signing this contract/post agreeing to this CRE contract upon your arrival into our development team.

British Army Contract required signature!
Contract Information
  • All assets made by BA engineers and given will be property of the group.
  • Any assets taken/resold from the British Army will result into legal actions.


I’ve created this contract for all members of the British Army Royal Engineer Corps to ensure no confusion of how CRE works in the group. As stated, all assets made and given to the British Army group will be the property of the British Army.

Meaning, you are not allowed to use, resell, and or remodel the asset given as it does not belong to you and instead to the group. This prevents the assets from being reused and resold to millions of other groups after they’ve been paid for it just to be used on this group.


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