[BROKEN] A guide on how to change the roblox jump button to a textlabel for more customization

If you wanna change the icon, look on a different post, this is how to change the icon to a textlabel to modify it easier

So to get started with basic stuff, open up studio and your game.
Next up start the game and make sure to have explorer open, once you did that go to Players<Username<PlayerScripts And once you see Playermodule, copy that and exit running the game
Now go to StarterPlayer<Starterplayerscripts and paste the playermodule inside
Now open up Playermodule<ControlModule and open up TouchJump modulescript

Now go to line 135 to the function where it says TouchJump:Create() (creating the jump icon)
On default it should look like this

Delete this code

	self.jumpButton = Instance.new("ImageButton")
	self.jumpButton.Name = "JumpButton"
	self.jumpButton.Visible = false
	self.jumpButton.BackgroundTransparency = 1
	self.jumpButton.Image = TOUCH_CONTROL_SHEET
	self.jumpButton.ImageRectOffset = Vector2.new(1, 146)
	self.jumpButton.ImageRectSize = Vector2.new(144, 144)
	self.jumpButton.Size = UDim2.new(0, jumpButtonSize, 0, jumpButtonSize)

and change it to

self.jumpButton = Instance.new("TextButton")
self.jumpButton.Name = "JumpButton"
self.jumpButton.Visible = false
self.jumpButton.Size = UDim2.new(0, jumpButtonSize, 0, jumpButtonSize)

Now thats not all.
Press CTRL+F inside the script and search image. Delete anything that talks about images:
It should be like this. Now your good to go, i probably forgot something so if you encounter issues tell me!

With some basic coding knowledge, you should understand the rest, but for example to change the background color do this:

	self.jumpButton.BackgroundColor3 = Color3.new(0, 0, 0)

To add something like a uistroke or ui corner, do this:

local UISTROKE = Instance.new("UIStroke")
UISTROKE.Color = Color3.new(0, 0, 0)
UISTROKE.Thickness = 2
UISTROKE.ApplyStrokeMode = Enum.ApplyStrokeMode.Border
UISTROKE.Parent = self.jumpButton
local UICorner = Instance.new("UICorner")
	UICorner.CornerRadius = UDim.new(0.1,0)
	UICorner.Parent = self.jumpButton

Thats all, thank you!


the issue is: it’s only for studio, we need it for live servers (if possible)

This should be moved to #resources:community-tutorials

It’s not, it works live in servers aswell. I have tried it.

Thank you, i will change it now.

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uuuhhh you have to modify the code, and LuaSourceContainer.Source is restricted to plugins when modifying it, and i need it to apply to everyone

Well for me it works fine, i dont know if this is you or something. Try here

If it doesnt show it could be something on your end or roblox only shows it on the owner only

im on laptop right now so I can’t try it

Well try whenever you can, i just tried it on my mobile device and it worked, i probably forgot a step in the tutorial ill look back at it

I joined the game on mobile and the jump button seems to be working just fine for me as well.

Thank you for further backing me up, its probably that i forgot something in the tutorial and it didnt work.

It does work in live servers, as far as I can tell the tutorial just tells you how to replace the PlayerModule script. You could technically replace it with anything, there’s nothing to stop you since roblox lets you overwrite default scripts if they have the same name.

You don’t need to modify script.Source at all, just copy and paste the PlayerModule from playtesting back to normal studio. Your not meant to do these steps at runtime.

Wanted to let you know Roblox updated the PlayerModule, including the TouchJump module, thus meaning that following these steps won’t work anymore. The principles of most of what you said still apply don’t get me wrong, but the tutorial could still be updated.

All people need to do is remove this line:

Wait, where are my manners? Thank you so much for this tutorial, it was very helpful in showing exactly how to edit the jump button(it’s actually pretty simple)

True, I ended up making it a frame so I could put in an image label but use the Frame as the background

This tutorial was for custom jump button, not editing the colours and stuff. Anyways i quit game development basically, it’s gotten really boring and roblox is kinda going downhill but if you wanna reply the solution go ahead, im just gonna include in the title its broken

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Not sure what this is in reply to lol

But thanks for this resource still! I used it to make my jump button a frame with an ImageLabel inside:

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 9.43.23 PM

I already did, here:

Sorry Roblox development got too daft for you. At least you left your mark on the DevForum with this tutorial before quitting :^)

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