Broken animations on woman rig

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  1. What do you want to achieve?
    Keep the idle animation throughout robloxian 2.0 avatar and woman avatar as consistent as possible.

  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    The same animation tested in the same place on two diffrent rigs looks way diffrent. Issue only present on woman’s rig.
    Proper idle animation:

    Broken idle animation:
    Uploading: Broken idle.PNG…

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    Changing rigs (getting new rig of the same type), changing places, animating on diffrent rigs (example: animated on Robloxian 2.0, tested the animation on rigs I was keen on keeping them look good and, if needed, slighty modify the animation to make it look better).

The sole reason I decided to ask for help here is that (atleast in my opinion) it is a glitch rather than a diffrence caused in how rigs are built. Many game developers manage to look one animation good on most if not all rigs (girl rig included), whereas I am having a difficulty with that (issue persists amongst all animations, this isn’t an individual issue for that animation.) Any help will be highly appreciated.
P.S. I have used Moon Animator 2 to make the animation presented above.
P.S. 2: I copied motor6D’s C0 and C1 to the woman rig from the Robloxian 2.0 rig to ensure the issue dosen’t have a root there.
Thanks in advance.

The second picture seems to be broken for me, I am uploading it here to ensure that everyone can see the issue.

Based on my experience having different arm packages can change the appearance of animations. To fix this you’ll just need to find out which package the user is using and then change the animations accordingly.

There’s probably a better solution, but this is my preferred fix.


I also thought of that, and as of now this seems like the best answer. Will tag this as a solution if no better fix will come up. Thank you

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As @kh_834 said, that’s just how the woman rig is. Best way to fix it is making new animations. But this will cause issues with people who have multiple different body parts on.

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Maybe it could be done with IK? That way it wouldn’t really matter which body part they have I presume.


Inverse Kinematics are kinda out of range right now as I find them very hard to understand and apply to my game, althought, if that’s the only way except using diffrent animations (which is method that is not preffered by me to say the least) then Ill learn it. Thank you for the idea.

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