Broken Fonts Issue

Hi, recently I have started experiencing some issues with some specific fonts.
For example, very often specific fonts won’t load until I resize the surface and then undo it:

(supposed to be “Oswald”)

Note: this is also happening in game

Another issue is when the text is not showing up on the Regular weight of “Oswald” font:

But already working on any other weight above "Medium…:

Sometimes even not showing up in game…:

…even when not broken in studio:

Note: this text would not show up on any lower weight than “Medium”

  • Is this a bug?
  • Is that normal?
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What is the resolution of the SurfaceGui?

@SubtotalAnt8185 it is PixelsPerStud 2500

That seems quite high for just some text. Does lowering it fix the issue?

Not fully, it can still happen. Maybe it’s the RichText issue?

Possibly but this is unlikely.

I think it might be an issue with font downloading. I think you should submit a bug report.

I do not have permission to submit bug reports :stuck_out_tongue:

You can try messaging @Bug-Support. They might respond.

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