Broken game from studio beta

So, I recently (~10 hours ago?) added some beta features to a game I was working on in Teamcreate, and it broke the game.

I started noticing it when I was publishing changes that included a script that said “Hi!” when it worked. I changed it so it would say “Hi! :)”, but I never saw those changes, hours after I published it.

I exported something from in-game in the explorer window to OBJ (dont know if this did anything, thought I should include it. Object came out fine)

Next, I tried moving something in my game around. It wouldn’t let itself be selected… It would only show the blue “select” box for less than a tenth of a second, and even then I couldn’t use it. So I manually selected it from explorer and went into move mode, but I couldn’t click on the handles. I tried using F3X tools, and same thing with the selection bug.

I fixed it by reverting the game, and it worked. I would just like to make sure this gets on the bug to-do list.

EDIT I figured out what broke it! It wasn’t studio beta, but copy/pasting an object with a blank (""") name into the workspace. Might want to fix that.

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