Broken Limited Item due to Creator Dashboard Error

When I published my limited UGC item to the marketplace, the Creator Dashboard notified me that an error occurred and the changes I made to my item were not saved. I was still charged a 40,000 robux fee for the upload and the UGC item went on sale as a limited despite the error. Due to the error, the changes I made to the name and description were not saved, and now I cannot edit them since the item is live as a limited.

The error appeared in the indicated red circle after clicking the “Save Changes” button.

This is the affected UGC item:

I would like it to be corrected if possible to:


(1.0) Light Aura - Arms


A powerful force that illuminates our world, revealing and shaping our perception of space and color in endless ways.

Other auras:

04/2023 Limited


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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Hi, it’s been a month since this error occurred. Is there any chance of fixing the item?

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