Broken Modulescript Autocomplete?

Hello. I am encountering an issues where autocomplete is not appearing to work when accessing a modulescript. Both the script and modulescript contain no errors, warnings, hints, or information. The modulescript also only has one return value.

This is an edited version of the module script in question.

local service = {}

local replicated_storage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")

type hello_world = {
	akdASd: "func" | "element",
	gASGS: "MouseButton1Click"? | "MouseButton1Up"? | "MouseButton1Down"? | "MouseEnter"? | "MouseLeave"?,
	HDSfsA: (...any) -> (),
	fasdAFG: {},

type GaSDgAsfdaA = string

type data = {
	gsdADGH: {},
	gsfGASFA: {} | gui_bindings,

local dasdd = replicated_storage.folder
local gdfgdg = replicated_storage.folder
local asdgad = replicated_storage.folder

local client = players.LocalPlayer
local player_gui = client.PlayerGui

local test_service = require(dasdd.test_service)
local test_service2 = require(dasdd.test_service2)

local utility1 = require(gdfgdg.asdasd)
local utility2 = require(gdfgdg.tables)
local utility3 = require(gdfgdg.asdasd)

service.gdfgdfga = {}

function service:init()


function service:function_name(component: string)


function service:run_function(component: string, func: string, ...)

function service:play_function(path: string)


function service:find_function(class: string | {})


function service:show_function(element: GuiObject, data: {}): GuiObject


function service:my_function(_type: string, data: {{}} | {}): GuiObject

function service.truly_a_function(instance: Instance): boolean


function service:func(gradient: UIGradient)

function service:crazy_function()


function service:your_function()


function service:not_a_function(to_put_in: GuiObject): UIGradient


function service:myfunction(frame: Frame | CanvasGroup)


function service:PascalCaseFunction(obj: GuiObject, theme: string, tweeninfo: TweenInfo, additional_property_changes: {})


function service:open(frame: Frame | CanvasGroup, tweeninfo: TweenInfo)

function service:close(frame: Frame | CanvasGroup, tweeninfo: TweenInfo)


return service

If anybody finds a flaw in the code structure has found a solution to their similar expierence, please let me know.

Thank you to anyone reading this for your time.

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Can u try to print the variable that require the module??

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The modulescript still works completely fine. It is just the autocomplete in external that doesn’t seem to work. It even works fine in the modulescript itself.

Also, I did do a print and everything returned properly.

Oh well. Then i guess it is engine error or bug.


I don’t think I possess enough information to make a full bug report, though. lol :sob:

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Try to put a print on one of the methods and then call the method on the script to see if it prints. If it does then it is engine bugs and if it doesn’t then something is wrong with ur code.

The service is one of the most commonly used ones in the game, and I can see its functionalities working constantly while my game is running. I think this is an engine bug. However, I there is still that small chance that I messed up some sort of type checking.

I think the typechecking not going to affect the module at all tbh.

This is not an engine bug. I just reviewed previous versions of my project, and the autocomplete works there.

hmm ok. [character limits text]

I believe an issue in type checking could potentially cause issues. If you would like to, let me know if you find anything suspicious. I already went through the methods and commented them each one by one, and it solved my problem— for a few seconds.

I might try to make a bug report for this, actually.

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