Broken sizing and positioning of Profile Page UI


The UI of profiles on Roblox are oddly stretched/sized. Avatar items are big on the page/app, the friends, following, and followers are on different lines instead of being beside each other. The Roblox Badges and Badges section are also messed up with too big of sizing.

Image of Issue:

This issue is happening on the Full Profile when using Mobile and the Profile when using the Roblox Website.

Systen Info:

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 7.49.37 PM

Expected behavior

The UI on the Profile page be correctly sized to show Badges, avatar items, etc. as it did before sometime today. I noticed the issue around 7:40pm EST.

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Thanks for reporting this. We’ve rolled out a fix.

Can you try closing and reopening your browser?

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The issue is fixed on the website and application. Thanks!


This continues to occur for me, but only occassionally. Really annoying because sometimes I can fix it by clearing cache and refreshing but other times I cannot. The red errors in the image below are the ones that are spat out when the HTML issue happens, so I assume it has something to do with one of the endpoints failing and the site not handling it correctly. There are no errors when everything loads correctly.

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This CDN API is throwing 429s when called for the first time, for no exact reason which is what’s causing the issue @Iron_Legion

Checking back in on this; I haven’t experienced it in a while now. May have either fixed itself or been fixed by an engineer :smile:

Never mind.

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I am still experiencing this issue on the website consistently (nearly every time I go to someone’s profile page)