[BROKEN] Sound Player - Play modified sounds with ease!

[Edit] - So for some reason the method plugin was using to play sounds doesn’t work anymore which means this plugin is useless.

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What is Sound Player

Sound Player is a plugin that allows you to play sounds!

Why should I use this instead of built in sound player?

The problem with built in sound player is that it plays sounds without some affects like TimePosition and beacuse of that we need run game again and again to check if we did correct TimePosition. However, this plugin plays sounds with these affects!

  • Can play sounds with some modifiers
  • Easy to use
  • Can play if you choosen SoundEffect which parent is Sound object
  • Plugin plays sound only once even if his looped.
  • Can play multiple sounds at 1 time


  • Can’t play sounds that are 10 seconds longer
  • Can’t stop sounds after playing them
  • Can’t play sounds with sound effects (yeah very big minus)

How do I use this?

It’s very simple! All you have to do is select Sound object or SoundEffect object which parent is Sound object.

Then on the left up corner will appear “Play” button.
After that all you have to do is click the button to play sound!

How do I install this plugin

All you have to do is just go to this link and click install button!
I hope this plugin will be useful for you!


What would be the use cases for this plugin?

In other words, what problems or inconveniences could a developer encounter that would make this plugin useful?

Out of curiosity. That’s all.

Have you tried changing TimePosition property? If so was there any changes when you played a sound? No. You could see changes only after you run a game. It’s pretty annoying to run game again and again to get perfect position, especially for big projects where it takes hours for game to load. It also can play multiple sounds at 1 time (but I dont think it’s pretty useful actually). For me it’s useful checking TimePosition.

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