Broken texture name while exporting avatars

Hey developers! Recently i have been facing an issue where whenever i export a roblox avatar, the texture gets saved as “handle_diff1”.
this never happened before and the texture name always get saved as the roblox username (how it got saved before this problem started)
is there anyway to permanently fix this problem? i would really appreciate it if someone could help me out


is it causing any import error?
i once had this name and normally import it without any problem

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nope but everytime i save a new avatar, the texture of the old avatar gets changed to the new one

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Can you screenshot and point me what did it change?
Might try helping if possible

like i showed in the tweet, the first pic you can see the texture named got changed into “handle1_diff” instead of the roblox username. if i try to export another avatar, that avatars texture will get saved to handle1_diff and the old texture gets deleted. if you have discord i could explain there.

not sure if this is related to name detection but my guess is that Roblox detects “Handle” in one of the accessories and use it as the name

But what i did is to rename the file after exported so it never gets deleted

have you tried doing once?

i did but it gets kinda annoying to do it again and again for every avatar plus some avatars have more than one texture so everything gets messed up while working with them if you try renaming all of them

sadly then
might be Roblox issue so i cannot fix it

one possible solution is to move the file to somewhere else to prevent getting it deleted, if it’s not working then that’s all i can do

oh alright. thanks for the help

Hmm… this weird i will research to see if i can help you.

Edit: Do you use Windows 11?

Nope i use windows 10 but i didn’t face this problem before

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Hey I know this was a while ago, but I was wondering if you ever found a solution. I’ve started to have the same issue & it’s really time-consuming. :frowning: