Broken UGC Asset Validation/Configuring and Uploading

UGC creators are currently unable to upload UGC accessories and Layered Clothing as of the May 24th-25th, 2023 Roblox Studio update. There are two known problems:

  1. The asset configuration page when saving the UGC asset to Roblox does not display all of the UGC and Layered Clothing related asset types (e.g. Hat, Hair, Jacket, Pants, etc.).

  2. The selection highlighted in blue seems to be the asset type option for accessories with the “WaistCenter” attachment even though it’s text is invisible. It is the only choosable invisible option there. Upon creating a waist accessory and choosing that option we are met with a bugged, blank page instead the page that validates and allows us to edit the accessory.

The only known workaround that allows us to upload is to prevent Roblox Studio from updating or use an older Roblox Studio version prior to May 24th.


Can confirm that this was happening to me too!
Interestingly, that one blank button can be selected and requires a waist center attachment.

I went through this process again but with an item that has a waist center attachment, and you’ll notice how there’s some functions missing. (I’ve tried to pull this up again and the page goes blank with errors in the output as shown in the original post.) The weirdest part though is how clicking on overwrite an existing asset attempts to overwrite an animation!

Regardless, it’s a bug that makes it impossible to upload UGC and I hope it gets fixed ASAP!

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Hi @dvdko. Thank you for the bug report. We’ve reverted a change which we believe was causing the issue. Please restart Roblox Studio and try uploading your asset again.

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Hey @Osyris! I can confirm that everything works as intended now, thanks!

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