Browsing package diff with nested packages and "diffs not available for older versions" dialog crashes Studio

When viewing the diff of a package that contains another package (with some other details as shown in the video), Studio will crash some indeterminate amount of time after opening the diff dialog.

I could not reproduce this myself by creating a double nested package, so I suspect it has something to do with the “diffs not available for older versions” dialog that I’m unsure how to trigger. I’ve included the specific problematic asset in the attached private message. I don’t anticipate updating any of these packages any time in the next month or so, but don’t procrastinate looking at this issue just in case I break the reproducibility in the future.

Log and dmp privately attached.


A private message is associated with this bug report


Hi @PeZsmistic, I’m having a hard time repro-ing with my own legacy packages. When I try inserting your attached package, I am unable to click the context menu package actions.

Do you mind sharing the Globe_Cluster package with me so I can get repro and help resolve this issue? Thanks!

Unfortunately this package belongs to a group and I don’t seem to be able to share edit access with you directly. Do you need to join the group for me to configure this? I can set up a role for you with edit permission.

@PeZsmistic I have joined the group Skyrian Horizons. Do you mind temporarily sharing the perms for eugenekim159 while I work on resolving this issue?

Sorry for the wait, I was at the office today for work. I’ve set you up with a role and given that role edit permission for that package. Let me know if you have any more issues.

@PeZsmistic Thanks for sharing the package perms, I can now access the package verbs. After taking a look, I am not able to repro the crash with your particular Globe_Cluster package in either Windows or Mac Studio. Is there something I’m perhaps missing? Is this still an issue for you?

When I posted this thread it would happen every single time, including in the repro file. When I re-tested this I could not get it to reproduce in the test file anymore, but still happens reliably in the actual game itself, possibly it’s affected by game complexity (or system memory usage?)

I’ve turned on team create, could you send me a friend request so I can give you edit access to the dev game? It will be easier this way.

@PeZsmistic I have sent a friend request!

Done, I think you’ll find it from studio home under the “shared with you” tab. One of the package instances can be found right here near the beach:

Ahh, the diff window now crashes for me on Globe_Cluster in your particular place. Taking a deeper look…

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Good (sad?) to hear, let me know if I can help further. I’ll leave the team create permissions up for a while. :saluting_face: