.bsp into .rbxm or .rbxl?

I have been searching for something to be able to import .bsp files into Roblox, such as Half-Life goldsrc maps but I have no luck on finding how to

I have tried converting a .bsp file into a .vmf file with BSPSource so a map can be imported into Roblox by using @MaximumADHD’s VMF Importer plugin but BSPSource doesn’t support goldsource maps

So yeah I’m kinda in a dead end here

I’m not sure how .bsp files work, but you could try converting it into a .obj or even a .fbx instead and just import it as a 3d model, instead of trying to import it into a Roblox format


Thanks for the suggestion, I have found a way to convert the .bsp into a .obj and import it into Roblox but there’s a problem, there are no textures

Is there a way to fix this?

EDIT: I have changed the .bsp file cause I realized the one I used didn’t have any textures (silly me) but then this problem came up


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Try .fbx instead, that might help

.fbx just turns the map blank, no textures

I have retried and textures do apply, but its the same as the post I’ve sent before. It’s the same texture

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I believe this is because meshes can only have 1 texture on Roblox. You’ll probably have to upload every mesh separately.

I believe this repo is what you’re looking for: https://github.com/MaximumADHD/Source2Roblox

Converts the maps 1:1 with textures, models(?) and lighting
It doesn’t work with all games however
There is no pre-built binaries (aka, no exe you can just run) but I could try building it myself for you if you need to, tho the instructions shouldn’t be too hard to follow

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Custom models and textures can be loaded in the maps, but you have to drag the materials and models folders from the maps into the main directory of the game you’re importing a map from.

This is the problem, Source2Roblox doesn’t support .bsp files. I have tried converting .bsp files into .vmf so they can be imported using said plugin with BSPSource but it doesn’t support goldsource versions

nvm lol i didnt read the desc

Well I have no idea on how to install this, a video tutorial could be helpful

it looks like that because you need to bake all the textures that the map uses into one big texture file.

So, yesterday i got source2roblox working, and it works great, unfortunately you wont be able to “play” these maps. they’ll load fine in the studio launcher that comes with the package, but loading it in regular studio or even in the roblox player, the map will be empty.

This first photo is from the launcher:

this second photo is from vanilla studio

(ive selected all parts to show that the objects are present, just not visible. and no the transparency was not changed)

i am not 100% sure what causes this, but i assume it has something to do with this coming from the output:

“SurfaceAppearance.ColorMap has local asset ‘rbxasset://source/hl2/materials/tile/tileroof004b.png’. Local asset is not supported in client. - Studio”
“Unable to load Workspace.Model.plaster/plasterwall049a.Material - MetalnessMap ‘rbxasset://source/hl2/materials/dev/reflectivity_10b.png’ (Error: Temp read failed.).”

I was actually going to make a topic about this today, but found this.

i hope there is a solution to this.

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add -upload to the debug parameters in visual studio

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