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Here are some of our mostly frequently asked questions and the answers to them. This thread has been created so that Staff and basically anyone with the answers like questions like these don’t have to reply all the time with the same answers.

Q1: How do I get sorted into a House/How do I become a First Year?
A1: In order to become a First Year Student and attain a House, you must fill out the Quiz at the Sorting Quiz game when it is opened. The opening of the Sorting Quiz game is always announced on the group shout. In addition, sending applications to the Professor Application game will not grant you a position as a student as that is the incorrect game.

Q2: When is the Sorting?
A2: The sorting follows a schedule which you can find here. Note that only Accepted+ will be allowed to attend the events.

Q3: What do I do if I am not satisfied with the House I was sorted in?
A3: If you are not satisfied with the House our Administrative Staff sorted you in, please private message HPUniverse. If you are allowed to change Houses then, you will have to purchase the House Change T-Shirt.
NOTE: Your House won’t be changed if you bought it without contacting HPUniverse!

Q4: When are the lessons and how do I know what subject I have?
A4: Lessons are always hosted on Saturdays. Please check the schedule for more information on the subjects.

Q5: How do I become a Professor?
A5: In order to become a Professor, you will have to fill an application form in our Application Centre. Your application will then be reviewed by the Application committee. Please note that if the subject you are applying for is full, you will be asked to teach another subject.

Current Subjects:

  • Charms
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Herbology
  • History of Magic
  • Potions
  • Transfiguration

Q6: How do I become a Castle Ghost?
A6: You have to be a retired Staff member in order to attain that role.

Q7: How do I become a higher Year?
A7: All students are ranked up once the term is over until they are Graduates.

Q8: I’m a Graduate, what do I do now?
A8: As a Graduate you can restart by filling the Sorting Quiz when the game for it is open, or become a Professor. Note that you will have to apply for that position and by doing so, you are not guaranteed a spot in the Staff team.

Q9: How do I become a part of my House’s Quidditch Team?
A9: You will have to find your House’s Team Captain or Co-Captain and ask them when the next tryout is. You will then be tested for the position you are willing to take.
Each team may have:

  • 1 Captain & 1 Co-Captain
  • 3 Chasers
  • 2 Beaters
  • 1 Keeper
  • 1 Seeker

Q10: How do I become a Prefect?
A10: In order to be a Prefect your Head of House has to make you one. Prefects may be handpicked. They are preferred to be Second Year+.

Q11: I can’t attend the Sorting. How do I know what my House is?
A11: Please contact HPUniverse to find out.

Q12: I couldn’t attend the lessons and I am missing some spells how do I get them?
A12: You will be given the spells you were missing at the beginning of the next term or if a School Administrator hosts a catchup lesson.

BSWW: Official Handbook

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