BSWW: Points System Guidelines

This document is useful mainly for Staff and Prefects, but you shall know the ways you can earn and lose points.

House Points can only be awarded and deducted during official roleplay only. This means that Staff are not allowed to award or deduct points during unofficial roleplay.

Note: Professors may deduct points from any House. However, Prefects can only deduct from their own House and also have to follow these guidelines. In addition, Professors are restricted to 75 Points per day and when they are awarded, a reason must be stated.

Awarding Points

Professors may choose whether or not to award House Points, but when doing so, the student(s) they are awarding points to must have done any of the following things.

+5, when a student has shown interest and participation while the rest of the class has not.

+5, when a student has shown excellent demonestration and/or has successfully completed a task given by a Professor.

+5, when a student has answered to a question asked by a Professor correctly AND with excellent detail. (Just answering a question correctly does not qualify in points being awarded!)


Note: Other reasons are to be permitted if given permission by the Headmaster and School Administrators.

Note 2: When Staff do not use the format to award points their points will not be added to the house.

Deducting Points

Staff and Prefects are allowed to deduct points. When rules are broken Staff and Prefects must deduct points. When doing so the rule the student broke or reason must be stated. Here are some reasons:

-5, when a student is fooling around. (Dancing on tables, standing on bookcases etc.)

-10, when a student is caught during Curfew.

-10, when a student is caught entering a Professor’s office without the Professor’s permission.

-10, when a students casts a spell on a student.

-15, when a student is caught entering another Common Room.

-10, when a student shows disrespect to another student or a Professor. (OOC [Out of Character] counts too.)

-10, when a student skips class.

-5, when a student is late to class.

-15, when a student skips their detention.


Note: For disrespect, Professors may as well give out detention.

Note #2: If a Professor or Prefect is caught being bias, the School Administration Staff will be alerted.

# Grade Rewards
When a student gets a good mark on an exam at the end of the term, their House will be awarded with a certain amount of points.

+15, when a student has received the grade O (Outstanding).

+10, when a student has received the grade E (Exceeds Expectations).

+5, when a student has received the grade A (Acceptable).

Points Guidelines written by:
Anubis Thorn, School Administrator -Immites

Ashley Thorn, Points Mistress, Head of the History of Magic Department -InhxIed

If you have any questions regarding the points system, do not hesitate to ask the School Administration or the Points Mistress


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