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Version updates :white_check_mark:

1 = major update
2 = small update
3 = bug fixes

Version 0.0.0

This version is based on the time this forum was created

  • Basic train movement
  • About 40% of the station built
  • Signaling system
  • Console
  • Menu Gui

Version 0.0.1
  • Fixed train to station distance gui

Version 0.0.2
  • Improved console ctrl+alt+c
  • Remade notification system
  • Working on fixing navigation system

Version 0.1.0
  • Bangkok real weather system (Updates every hour or the first time the server starts)
  • Working on improving the whole train system
  • Lighting ray effect on all spotlights
  • Reworked time gui
  • A little bit of adjustment to the driver’s gui
  • Still trying to find who will make the train models
    (Credits to Buildthomas for the rain module)