Bubble-Chat doesn't properly show BillboardGui in Roblox Studio

Howdy! Earlier today with the exciting release of the Bubble Chat Rework, I’ve had trouble trying to fork and customize my own frame and text inside studio due to the frame not loading it correctly when testing inside Roblox Studio.

Along with that, it is entirely impossible to customize and fork and people on low-end laptops and desktops will suffer a ton as it’ll be hard for them to manage testing and more.

Not a big detailed bug, doesn’t show the frame for the text and animation, and this has started to happen a couple of hours ago with the release, and this bug happens inside Roblox Studio and started to happen around 2:00 PM PST.

Video of the bug:


How to reproduce:

  • First, open up Roblox Studio and enable the BubbleChatEnabled button-through Chat.
  • Second, test it live with some customization or normally inside studio.
  • Lastly, it doesn’t show the BillboardGui frame itself on the top and leaves the arrow alone.

Studio Version: 0.451.0.412446 (64-bit) as of 10/13/2020.

From my perspective and view from the update and developers, this is somewhat disappointing in many ways when testing in studio as I don’t know if I have it enabled or somehow broken in many ways, hope this is resolved anytime this week.


Thanks for posting this! This does not seem to be happening on our end. Trying to come up with a repro for this. Will keep you updated!