Bubble Chat Issue

Hey there! I am not sure if this belongs here, but if it does or doesn’t please help!

Recently, roblox allowed you to change your game for Bubble Chat from “change place” or “change game”. Then they changed it to if you upload to a new game, you can pick “Bubble Chat” or other options.

Now, I feel like I can’t find it at all. I tried using scripts people have provided on this, but none of them have worked for me and I have tried everything. If someone can me to how, please do tell!

This has already been answered here:

If you join the game in studio you will be able to find the chat setting that’s where you will be able to change it. I will provide pictures to help you with this process.

As you can see when I open chat the chat settings pop up.
Then you copy ClientChatModules. Leave the game. Then copy it back into chat. You have to copy all of ClientChatModules for this to work.
Now you click ChatSettings and go into the script and then all we have to do is turn bubble chat on now.

Find this line of code around line 26. And all you have to do is change PlayersService.Bubble chat to true.
Then it works!