BubbleChat Not Sticking To Head

So currently we need help with figuring out how to essentially lock wherever the chat emits from to the player’s head because when we use our animation states (crouch, walk, prone, etc) it decides to linger away from the head.



(Probably a super simple solution but stoopid, ty)


bump because i need help from the gods :pray:

You could use Chat instead.

Something like this in a server script works.

local CS = game:GetService("Chat")

		local character = player.Character
		local head = character.Head
		CS:Chat(head, message, "White")

The result…

I have no idea if this is how bubble chats already work and if this is just redundant but this seems to solve the problem. I hope this helps!

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Is it a local or server script? I tried it using both and tried them in both ServerScriptService and StarterCharacterScripts but no result :frowning:

NOTE: Idk whether we have to disable bubble chat or not due to the script creating it

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I wrote the code in a server script in ServerScriptService, and had bubble chat disabled (I think it’s disabled by default).

Omg you legend, that fixed it bruh. Just had to disable BubbleChat as it makes its own version.

The last issue I have now is it’s slightly to the left of the head as shown here: https://gyazo.com/f07c0609695f07bcd9a0841fc1fa4999

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I did a quick search and I think the solution here might solve your problem, just fiddle around with the offset value until it looks about right.

Edit: also change VerticalStudsOffset to HorizontalStudsOffset!

Nevermind, this post lines up more with what you’re trying to do. I did a little bit more digging and there isn’t actually a HorizontalStudsOffset property, but there is a LocalPlayerStudsOffset property which takes a Vector3 value instead. This might be more flexible.

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I’ll have a look, thank you so much you’re a saviour lol

Does this work with the chat filter?