BubbleChat won't display in game

I have absolutely no idea what caused it, but none of my scripts reference the service.
Is there a certain requirement that the character must have in order to show the bubblechat?

Here’s what my character looks like:

I have the Chat Enabled:

I also have nothing inside the chat service.

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Create a blank template project and enable that property and then type a message in chat, a bubble will appear over your character’s head. You must have some script(s) and/or plugin(s) which are setting this property back to false during runtime.

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Bubble chats do appear above my character’s head. However, for each player, the bubble chat is local sided. Classic chat will show globally, but bubble chat will not show for other players in the game.

Check your plugins, maybe one of them contains a malicious script.

I only have the animation editor plugin enabled.

Ok, does this problem replicate when you open up a new place?

No, this only happens in the game.

Ok, have you used any free models?

Yes, I have. None of the ones I’ve used have scripts however.

Oh, maybe I can’t help you out with this, good luck!

Try setting archivable to disabled, I’ve had issues with archivable things not showing up in the game and setting it to false usually fixed them not 100% sure that this will work but give it a try

Try looking on youtube for scripts/tutorials that access bubblechatenabled via the code and uncheck the box, that sometimes works for me.