BubbleChat's Epic Makeover

Will the bubblechat on old places be automatically updated to this version?


Speaking of bubble background color, it would be cool if there was a bubble background stroke so that the bubble can look more neat!!

Here is an example of a bubble having a “neon blue” background stroke:


I’m not a fan of the minimize/hidden distance. I work at a few places as a Middle Rank and I need to see if anybody is trolling in the distance, but with this I can’t.

Question: How would you change the color of the text?


Whilst I appreciate all the time and effort that went into this, I have to ask - is it really necessary? The current BubbleChat works fine (or did until the recent text cutting bug emerged) and I’m not sure anybody was really interested in a new version. Just feels like the time that went into it could’ve been better spent on other features.

EDIT: Can we also get clarification on if Dialogs will change to the new style if enabled (and if so, I would hope the old/current Dialog style is triggered if you have a fork of the old BubbleChat script)?


Wow! This is a great update! Please add this place to the list: 5539704020. Thank you so much, if you could let me know when you have done that it would be appreciated! :grinning:


Im interested 5596573874

This is one most the greatest updates for chat!


Nice to see this getting some attention however I have to say I’m disappointed it’s a CoreScript


What a fresh update, I’m really happy to see how Roblox is updated these time, it offer to us more tools to make better game, I’m really hyped about this new feature, especially knowing that BubbleChat edits will be way more easier, as it used to be hard to edit! I would like also to join the beta! Here is my place ID: 4988915649 (https://www.roblox.com/games/4988915649/GRAND-OPENING-Elysia-Cafe-V1) / Elysia Cafe V1!


This looks fantastic! This feature is very cool and will be very useful for developers and there games! I’m very interested in trying this out, I have two places for my project and their ids are respectively,

  1. 1124965394
  2. 5077511473

I love all the customization features with this and hope to get to try it out!


Absolutely beautiful, a major improvement from the old one, way more clean and satisfying. You have my up most support on this.


Whoa! It’s… Amazing! Will the bubble chat become a true/false bool option again, or will we still have to enable it via script?


I’m interested in testing this awesome new bubble chat!
Place Id: 3186282306 & 4908652076


I’m interested in testing it out.


Hey there! It’s nice giving BubbleChat some love and redesign it.
However, can we PLEASE get any options to not use Gotham as a font on the new BubbleChat, and instead just use the legacy Source Sans Pro font? Even after a year of Roblox using the font, it still hurts my eyes and unlike the older font, it no longer says “This is Roblox’s BubbleChat!”. Don’t get me wrong, change is good, but can we please get an “easier on eyes” option for people that just cannot stand Gotham like me?


Looks smooth and modern I really like it, But has the chat glitches been fixed where it cuts off part of your message?


I really appreciate the efforts to improve the in-game experience and see nothing wrong with that, but the fact that this new bubble chat will be locked to the CoreScripts, disallowing us from forking it and modifying it to our needs, is just a tremendous setback in my opinion.

What if we want to implement custom functionality, such as using it to display images (for things like emotes)? What if we want to use rich text in the bubbles? Or even change the transition parameters? Roblox cannot and should not offer all possible customization options; doing so only creates bloat and increases maintenance complexity on Roblox’s end. The scripts should be available to be forked and modified by us.

The fact that this goes opposite to the direction Roblox has been going in the past with camera, chat and control scripts just adds insult to injury.

EDIT: I am not strictly opposing making customization settings easily available and modifiable. It is extremely valuable to have customizable systems. It’s just that past a certain degree of customization (probably a bit further than Roblox is looking for here), it is probably an easier and better solution to let developers modify the code themselves than to build an omnipotent system.


This looks very good, I would like to test it on 5425114037


I’m interested in it and would like to test it out in my testing game, the place of it is 4506625822


I’m interested! I wouldn’t mind being added to the beta, place ID is 3925170006. My game has a bit of chat customization but the bubblechat is completely the same, so I presume this will work.


Hi, I’d to take part in the closed beta using this game: https://www.roblox.com/games/2808963635/Prop-Pursuit (Easy copy/pasting of ID: 2808963635).