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Bue Bue Studios Developer Board

Bluey Roleplay Remastered


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Version 1.2 - Publish C

  • Added a menu button (very buggy as I didn’t have too much time to program it)
  • Added Lamp Posts around the map
  • Rewrote the character select screen from scratch (minute performance increase, but will be easier to maintain on the backend)
  • Remade Character Morphs to allow RP Names to not clip into characters
  • Rewrote RP Name to prepare for custom RP Names
  • Rewrote script that shows signs next to usernames to prepare for more icons in the future
  • Added Donator pass that gives a custom sign

Version 1.1 - Final

  • Fixes related to RP Names
  • Minor bug fixes related to character select screen

Version 1 - Final


New Features

  • Group Notifications

Fixed Bugs

  • RP Name glitches should no longer happen
  • Radio system will no longer randomly stop working

Version 0.9 - Final


New Features

  • Day/Night Cycle
  • New Map
  • New Branding
  • Version Number System
  • Working Radio with 5 songs
  • 35 new Morphs

Bowling Pin Containment Facility


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This section is out of date. We are in the process of updating the information on this section.

Bowling Pin Containment Facility Updates


BPCF Development is currently on hold.

August 26th

Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that the plan was to add r6 animations into this update, but due to some issues, they just simply wouldn’t play over the default r15 animations. I wanted to get this tech out to let it sit and see if any performance issues came up before i fully commit to using it. Sorry that it looks a bit weird with these animations, they’re only temporary.

August 25th

Hey everyone, just wanted to update you on the status of development. The current plan is to revamp the facility to the point where two cells will be active. I’m going to throw the pins with the currently unoptimized scripts in just to allow the game to be playable. I’ll slowly work on rescripting them, starting with the two I put in first. Once a pin is rescripted, a cell will be constructed, and it will be added to the game. I’m planning on releasing a roadmap soon, along with some other content, so stay tuned.

Prerelease 0.1.4 is releasing later today, after I polish up a bit more of it. I’ve put the patch notes in anyways if you want to read up.

Edit - Prerelease 0.1.4 has been published

Main Branch - 0.1.1

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Optimization changes

Prerelease - 0.1.5

  • Added new character rig (this is experimental, and may be removed if performance issues arise)
  • Added new ragdoll system (also experimental, and has bugs)
  • Fixed a ton of clipping issues
  • Fixed unanchored walls
  • Fixed issues where walls wouldn’t have holes punched for doors
  • Removed all old containment cells
  • Expanded hallway to prepare for new containment cells
  • Baseboards now indicate if an area is safe or not. (Green = Safe, Orange = Dangerous in a breach, Red = Dangerous)
  • Lighting improvements
  • Scripting improvements (broke the loading screen unfortunately)
  • New game icon
  • Fixed unanchored floor and roof parts
  • Minor script optimizations
  • Minor sound changes
  • Entirely revamped first floor
  • Heavily revamped second floor
  • Completely redone Hospital
  • Heavy lighting optimizations
  • New light fixtures throughout half of the building (other half coming later)
  • New lighting effects on in game server models
  • Overseer offices are now accessible to anyone
  • A temporary elevator has been added to the end of the hall
  • Temporarily removed all bowling pins to revamp some scripts