[BUG] Cannot edit developer products

Whenever I try to edit an existing developer product and hit save studio will alert me that the game settings cannot be saved and Im forced to discard my edits. The same thing happens whenever I create a new developer product and edit it, but it will actually save, regardless of the alert message. If I create a product then reopen the monetization page it wont save, only when I create one and edit it without closing the monetization page.

This also appears in the console when it fails.
This has been happening for months, nothing has changed. One thing to note however, I am using teamcreate to edit this game as the old developer quit working on it and it wasnt created under a group. I cannot find any other cases of this, sadly.

You must be the owner of the game to create a developer product. Some game settings require you to be the game creator to change them, and they cannot just be changed from team create.

To take ownership of the game, you must download it and reupload it to a group or a user.


Thats odd then. I used to be able to create and edit them freely. The creation of them as I said above also somewhat works. I wish roblox would stop taking features away from team create…

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