Bug concerning Xbox controller UI navigation

(Reported by @ByDefault)

If you have an UI element inside a folder, even with the Selectable property set to true you can not make it selected, at least via GuiService.SelectedObject.

I have an ImageButton inside a Folder, it won’t every get selected using GuiService.SelectedObject

But if I have an ImageButton inside a ScreenGui or another UI element, it can get selected no problem.



This example is still relevant. My game has had a big drop in Xbox players recently and I had no idea why. It seems that nobody on Xbox could navigate the menu.

Thanks Younite & ByDefault for posting this.


Sounds dont play either from within a folder I believe. I dont know why this behavior occurs.

So I just ran into this, even if you have a folder inside the ScreenGui at all it prevents selecting. @Nightgaladeld do you know if theres any word on a fix for this?

I’ve submitted a fix for this, should be out in 2-3 weeks if all goes smoothly.


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Fix is live.


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