[bug?] Fail to apply script changes from play test

Yup! Title says completely right…
Sadly, I can’t add Bug Report so it might help here.

While developing I found out that when I close play test and want to apply script changes then I look at output and says it failed and at first I thought it was just a small bug, but I noticed that there was a chance 1% that it saved successfully and these 99% were the chances that it failed.

“Fail to find script instance to apply”

I have all plugins disabled and it’s still not work either. Reinstalling Roblox Studio didn’t even helped.

Do any of you got this error either?

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Why not copy and paste the code from the play test? (Btw in no way am I that experienced in coding and this works best a temporary fix so just take this with a grain of salt)

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Does it only happen with scripts in StarterPlayerScripts? For me that’s when it happens. I assume it is because you are modifying the cloned script in Player.PlayerScripts which gets deleted when you stop the game.

This happens a lot. I usually just do this if it’s important.

Not entirely sure what causes it. :person_shrugging:

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