Bug in Roblox Studio: Mouse icon selection button doesn't change after repeated presses

Dear Roblox Team,
I hope this message finds you well. I am contacting you to report a bug I have identified in Roblox Studio related to the mouse icon selection button.
Description of the bug:
When repeatedly pressing the mouse icon select button in Roblox Studio, a problem occurs where the icon stops changing, regardless of whether you are hovering over a part or not. This bug occurs in both new and old projects.
Steps to reproduce the bug:
Open Roblox Studio.
Go to any project (new or existing).
In the toolbar, click repeatedly on the mouse icon select button.
Notice that after an undetermined number of clicks, the icon stops changing, even if hovering over a part.
Impact of the bug:
This bug negatively affects the experience of developers using Roblox Studio, as it makes it difficult to select and manipulate parts in the authoring environment. In addition, it can cause confusion and unnecessary delays during the development process.
I hope this bug report is helpful for you to identify and fix this issue. If you need more information or additional testing, please do not hesitate to let me know. I am available to collaborate in the resolution of this bug if necessary.
I thank you for your attention and look forward to a prompt solution to this issue.
Yours sincerely,

Expected behavior

What should happen is that when you overlay the mouse on a part or model should change the selection icon but the bug does not allow it.


Bug I am experiencing is slightly different, the issue doesn’t appear to be caused by spamming the “select” icon but is rather just caused by the icon never changing, the icon never changed no matter what tool you select.


This roblox studio just makes me suffer because now I can’t test the games anymore when I press play the program closes by itself and it’s been a long time since the updates have been bugging on my HP PAVILLION computer please fix this


Seriously, the problem has become repetitive. I would have posted it, but I don’t have the required permissions. To test my game out, I have to play on an 3rd party device, or join the game in Roblox Player.


It happened to me again, the last time it was happened was:

They reverted it back during that time, but today it happened again…


Hi all, we believe this was related to the issue RobloxstudiowikiGST posted. That one had an accidental reversion to the reversion, but should be fixed now. Can anyone confirm this is still happening for them?


Its fixed for me! Thank you @butterthebig

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