Mouse cursor is permanently stuck on the 'hand' icon while in the world viewport

As of the latest update, the mouse cursor icon is permanently stuck on the icon from the image below.


This image should, however, only show up in some contextual situations, such as when hovering over an object that can be selected.

Expected behavior

I expect the default cursor icon to be visible when the mouse is focused on the sky or locked objects or in other cases where previously the default icon would have shown up.


I can affirm that I have the same issue. The cursor is permanently like the image in the thread while in the Roblox game viewport; it is not affected by the Explorer or other windows.


Video example of this occurring, right after opening studio.

Unrelated: At 9 seconds, you can also catch a glimpse of one of the buttons not responding to my click, which is something that happens SO FLIPPING MUCH


This looks like a bug to me. This shouldn’t be the cursor because it implies that something is selected when it isn’t, and it looks different from how the cursor is used in literally everything else which is annoying.

I can’t find out how to change it or if it’s even possible, I’m hoping it gets changed back.


Same here I thought I’m the only who experience this it just happened today but not yesterday, but I am not stuck on the ‘hand’ icon but instead a permanent roblox player/client icon.


Same here, i hope they fix this soon because it really looks weird now :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Good Afternoon, I have figured out a temporary method on how to fix this issue.
I have linked a video, but I will still explain how to do it here.
Step 1: Navigate to your Roblox Studio folder.
Step 2: Open a folder named “Cursors”
Step 3: Open the folder inside of there named “KeyboardMouse”
Step 4: You should see an image named “ArrowCursor”. Rename it to your liking. For example I just added “_notusingcurrently”. You could delete it as well, but you would have to reinstall Roblox Studio when they patch the bug. There you go! Now like I said above, this is a temporary fix, it looks a little janky and unpleasant, I just prefer it over the Roblox cursor.

Hope this helped!


For me, it has the normal ingame cursor instead of the hovering ingame cursor. Still, it really ruins some of the readability of things like the grab icon when building.


Hi all, looking at this now, thanks!

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Can anyone confirm if you are seeing on MacOS? So far we have only repro’d on Windows.

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We flipped off a flag causing this issue. Let us know if you still encounter this!


Hi, we’ve undone the change causing this, so your work around shouldn’t be required. Thanks for the help, let us know if this is still happening.

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