Bug Report replies being locked too soon

I wanted to share my use case and ask for an update about this important bug report, but I can’t because the replies are locked.

I don’t want to message Bug Support and wait weeks for them to maybe approve a new, redundant report.

@Hooksmith Could reports remain unlocked for a more reasonable timeframe, like 4 years after the last reply?


Hey @Qualadore, the issue here is not the timer duration but the fact that the poster of that topic marked a solution that does not actually solve the topic. This is to be expected since we just made the definition of “solution” a bit sharper by adding the lock timer so there may still be some misuse while users learn the updated definition of the feature.

I’ve gone ahead and unmarked the solution on that topic and unlocked it since the topic is not actually solved.

Feel free to keep me updated on cases where you think a topic has locked too early. Four years is not any sort of appropriate time for the auto-lock timer but we’re happy to adjust it up a little bit more than 2 weeks if that is needed, given practical examples.


I actually have a topic being locked without that I marked a solution:https://devforum.roblox.com/t/text-in-textbox-does-not-scale-on-ios-when-textscaled-true-while-the-text-is-edited/1838929/13?u=oetzi_cs
The Roblox Staff replied in a post that she dosen’t plan on fixing this, it is still a bug however and may be fixed in the (hopefully near) future.

This requires a feature request instead of a bug report, as that is described as an intended limitation.

The topic appears correctly locked for that reason, but I could move it to feature requests and unlock it for you if you want. This one seems to have been manually locked and not as result of a lock timer.

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Would be nice if you could do that.

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Thanks! I wasn’t aware that the solution was what locked the thread in that instance, I thought it was time elapsed since previous reply.

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