Bug report wizard dropdown lists are offset when zoomed in/out far

The selection menu for picking a bug type does not work. I’ve refreshed several times. This doesn’t change. I’d try describing more but there’s not much info to provide regarding this issue. It started occurring 8 minutes ago.


  • browser: Mozilla Firefox
  • version: version 91.0.2 (64-bit)
  • forum theme: default

You could add browser + version + what forum theme you are using

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Alright I’ve added that information to the post.


I’ve encountered new bugs as of lately but am still unable to report them due to the bug report wizard malfunctioning. I’d figured this’d be a more important issue considering this could cause an increasing number of bugs remaining unreported.

Could you please try upgrading to the latest version of Firefox 92.0.1 and disabling all plugins/extensions. I cannot reproduce this bug in Firefox 92.0.1

Ah I just realized, after zooming in and out a bunch, the list of options came into view. It seems that the list can drastically change position based off your browser’s zoom percentage.

140% being completely out of view and flipping the vertical position of the list over

and 80% having a more conventional position

This is what it looks like zoomed in at 110%

Video footage of the issue is provided below:

Renamed “Unable to select bug category” => “Bug report wizard dropdown lists are offset when zoomed in/out far”

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