Bug report wizard is not putting headers on their own lines

Noticed just now that posts created by the bug report wizard are not formatted correctly.

The bolded headers for sections of the bug report are missing newlines, and end up smashed inline with the text. The “Issue Area” header is also put inline with the previous paragraph, but the rest of the headers underneath it are fine (i.e. Issue Type, Impact, etc.)


Thread created, however I have corrected the headers already: Ctrl-S saving to file changes to saving to the cloud when I publish


Thanks for reporting. I’ll take a look at this!

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@PeZsmistic Would you mind checking if this is still an issue for you? The changes won’t show up until your next new submission.

I’ll see if I can come up with something after work. Was something changed?

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Mhm! I applied a change to the wizard’s markdown formatting.

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The preview looks correct, but I don’t remember if it was broken before. I can’t come up with a bug to report spontaneously lol, so I’ll bump this next time I do so if the issue is still occurring. Thanks for taking a look!

Unfortunately it looks like it is not fixed.

Thanks for the update. I took another look:

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