Bug Report Wizard Update - Let the Magic Begin!

We understand that but is there any sort of idea on when regular promotion will be available to members is the question that I and many are trying to an answer since I personally don’t see anything in the dev forums on the improvement to obtaining the regular role! Do you have any sort of idea when or you have no clue when the promotion will become available?


This would be helpful if only you promoted members. It’s almost been a year ago since that was a thing.

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Can members still submit bug reports via PMing Bug_Support?

i actually have that same question too and maybe a few other people have them too

when i think about it, i’m thinking that allowing members to make topics in #bug-reports would be a good thing since people can post their bug reports there instead of doing it in #forum-feedback:forum-bugs or #bulletin-board
but then again, i’m thinking it might be a bad thing since some people like making fake bug reports like off topic posts on there

but i do still wish that soon, members can finally make topics in #bug-reports since only regular+ can make topics in that category


All I can say is… Wow. I’m sure this will be very helpful for Regulars+ to submit bug reports! Do you plan to make a feature request wizard?

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This is cool but it is currently only accessible for Regular+.

If this statement was true, there would be much more change around Roblox’s platform. It has been around 9 to 10 months where Members cannot post feature requests or bug reports. Blocking off a good amount of developers restricts growth and discourages developers. I have wanted to support many feature requests but cannot due to being only a Member.

This is probably the best news here! Will this be applied in other forms of feedback such as Feature Requests?

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That’s odd, not sure when that was the case. The last time I reported a bug as a TL1, I was directed to directly send a message to the bug report team, with the full details. It was eventually moved to the main forums and a response was attached. The system is definitely still awkward though.

For further information:


In my case, I’ve been stuck on it for the past three.

Many users such as myself, additionally, have many badges to set ourselves apart from standard members of the forum; including the post approval legacy badge.

It also doesn’t make sense that I would be invited to be an event organizer and PlayFab analyist, but once I ask to be a regular, I get back a “we will let you know when the regular role is obtainable.”

Some of the regulars have gone practically silent, so a new system would be nice to introduce new perspectives on issues.


I actually used this yesterday night to report a bug, was very streamlined and a good addition to the forum!

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Well this was one hell of a clickbaity let down.

Imagine wasting the time making a fancy helper tool when you could be: creating a new system for regular applications, cracking down on under 13s, trying to fix #development-discussion, just to name a few enormously glaring issues that a very large portion of the devforum users are complaining about.


Bug report update is here and it looks amazing, but I think there should be more options in the future such like maybe a beta feature bug selection or possibly other important issues that could be more common than we think it is? I understand there’s a “other” choice but if we were put in bugs that are common besides display glitches or crashing category it would make both the people who look at the bugs and the user’s experience much more faster and smoother.

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This is great and all but is there a way to become a regular already? I’ve been active for 3 whole years already and have never been promoted, as the only way to get promoted was through the post-approval system which was been abandoned a year ago without any word since. Did I miss an announcement about it? Because currently there’s thousands of people waiting to be promoted because they’re unable to access a large part of the forums.


I really like it, it will definitely make bug reporting a bit easier and faster. But please work on Member to Regular promotion system since there is absolutely no way to obtain in it.


Please don’t tell me that you guys have spent 6 months just to bring a draft button, dark theme and similar post option.

Will the similar post option bring up recently made topics, or will it bring 4 year old topics? I’ve had issues with that feature, since it is not exactly reliable to use as wording of each person is different.

I hope the release of the wizard is nearby. Also wouldn’t it be better to allow members to post bug reports in waves, rather than restrict to only regulars? After all there are more members than regulars, and chances of getting any ‘bug’ on the bug wizard is higher and can be fixed easily.


Is there any timestamp on when this will be brought back? It’s been nearly a year and there is no sign of any thought or effort being put into this…

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I think Roblox was waiting for the forum hosting company to actually add the ability for them to do that.

I’m guessing it’s currently regulars only to prevent bug report spam/useless reports that bring up a bug, then proceed to not give repro steps or bug evidence. Though, they have mentioned that they are trying to give members the ability to do this too. Hopefully they postponed it to minimize the spam/useless reports issue.

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? The bug report wizard is a plugin. Plugins can be made by anyone at any time. It looks like they implemented this:

Roblox also self-hosts their own instance of Discourse.


Nope. There should a report a bug in-engine, on your website, etc. Not in forums dictated by hierarchy. You know, since the pivot update events for position change on model descendants stopped working? There are more bugs with recent updates but it seems there is no way to contact you other than using connections :sleepy:

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For anyone who’s upset that Members still can’t make bug reports, just remember that there’s like 600,000 of you. The overall quality of Members can’t be guaranteed, so their permissions have to be moderated a bit. It sucks for those who are genuinely interested in development, but the alternative is that the devforum becomes quite literally unusable and bug reports/feature requests just start being ignored because they’re of such varying quality. Anyone who’s old enough to remember the Roblox forums knows how much of a disaster that place was.

It’s frustrating but unless you have a suggestion that isn’t just “deal with it”, you should probably just bide your time. I’m sure Roblox has a vested interest in making sure new developers can report bugs and request features.


Gotta love how there’s no response to any Member → Regular based questions :ok_hand:
Roblox, take your time, just keep us updated please :sob: