Bug Report Wizard Update - Let the Magic Begin!

Hi developers!

We spent some time observing and collecting feedback regarding the Bug Report Wizard and we’re excited to announce that we can finally take off the training wheels! (Wondering who or what the Wizard is? See our previous announcement)

Moving forward, the ‘New Topic’ button will be disabled. All Regulars and above members will now be able to submit bug reports via the wizard. Through the wizard, your responses are securely collected as data points in our systems and efficiently routed to internal teams. By supplying key information from the get-go, this will allow internal teams to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Wizard Updates

1. Draft & Back Button Support

Had to go AFK for a bit but still want to keep progress? Click “Maybe Later” to exit the wizard and reopen it to access the most recent draft.

Want to double check before submitting? You can review your report using the ‘Back’ button.

2. Duplicate Detection

Not sure if someone already reported a similar bug? Our wizard will link you to topics with similar titles in the same category on Page 2:

3. Dark Mode

Wizard is now configured to match your DevForum theme! Rejoice retina!!

Gray Amber Theme

Dark Theme

Your voice is important to us. Please hang tight as we are actively working on ways to expand Bug Wizard access to all creators and improve our ability to resolve issues efficiently.

Thanks! :mage:


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This is so great to see the there is an actual fix and and better structure to report bugs. But I have one question if you have an answer, do you have any idea on when the regular role will be available to be obtained by members and how is it going since it’s been awhile? Because this is available to only Regulars but either way this is great to see the improvements to the dev forums especially with to gather them more clearly and a more structured way to report them to you guys!


Very pleased to see improvements to the bug report flow! Is there an estimated time as to when this will be available to all users?


Nice update Roblox! Shame that I won’t be able to experience these changes though.

Will a feature request wizard come soon?


Correction: Once I’m a regular, it’s important. Gotcha :point_right: :point_right:

In full seriousness, I was a bit disappointed that there is not yet a post approval auto-rank-up system. At the moment, you can message the Bug Reports group to make a report as a member, but the regular role cannot be obtained from it.


That why I literally asked when will Regular role will open since it’s not available at the moment :laughing: but still it’s still in its first stages so I would understand why but it’s sad regular roles still isn’t obtainable at the moment but it’s hard to figure out a system on how.

Will this extend to feature requests eventually? Feature requests need to be structured well so engineers understand our issues we are having as developers and how our development progress could be improved with the feature being requested.

As well, will this extend to forum bugs? Getting pretty tiring to see the amount of non-forum bugs being posted there, will enforce some structure and hopefully make it painful for users who try reporting non-forum bugs through it. Would also give non-regulars a taste of the bug reporting wizard.


Gray amber is a very pretty color. Anyways, nice work Roblox! I believe the wizard will be proven very useful.

This is nice and all, but when is regular promotion going to be opened back up? Many developers (myself included) have been stuck at Member rank for almost the past year with no way to level up.

The bug report wizard provides a nice way to replace the old system, yet members can’t rank up in order to be able to post a bug. This locks off bug reporting to more then 70% of the forum.


That’s very true. I would like to be leveled up to Regular due to the amount of other locked categories I could contribute to, along with the bugs I could report.


Does this mean that the feature will be unlocked to non-Regulars in the future? Anyone using Studio (or any Roblox feature) is able to find bugs, and restricting this to only Regulars prevents the majority of platform users from expressing their issues.

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Feature requests are more complicated.

With bug reports, there’s almost always a concrete well specified problem that’s owned by a specific team that both the developer reporting the issue and the engineer fixing the bug want to suss out. Also there’s a very binary “has it been fixed yet” status. As such it’s useful to collect and make use of more structured information about bugs.

With feature requests things usually aren’t so clear, because there’s multiple ways that the developers needs can be filled and it’s more of a creative process figuring out what overlap of needs there is and how best to fill it.


I’m sure that this new addition can further decrease the number of duplicates out there!

When will the option to vote for bugs and features come back? I’ve only seen them for a day then they got removed, although it was a great idea (people can vote on which feature/bug they want to add/fix next).


Thats great and all, but only regulars and above can post, and there is NO way to become a regular…


Wait, isn’t their already a bug report thing where you can just make a new forum and send it?

I agree and understand what you mean by this, I want this feature back too.

This is great! Much more convenient compared to the old method!

And it would be even better… if I could use it.

I’m bringing this up again because I’m still waiting for this to be re-added. There are quite a few people like me who are stuck on member level and are still unable to use features like this one.


Any idea when non regulars will either be able to rank up to regulars or report bugs? I have personally found several serious bugs over time but have had extreme difficulty reporting them. Several times I’ve made a post to bulliten board and requested it to be moved like the old policy to report bugs was, and it’s been completely ignored.

This needs to be resolved.


See the statement at the end of the main post, it’s a bit easy to miss after the screenshots.