Bug Server on a game I develop on is "broken"

Do you have API and HTTP services disabled?

A different error would appear if API services or HTTP requests were turned off.

For the information, the exact error for HTTP requests being disabled would be Http requests are not enabled. Enable via game settings

They are enabled though. I need HTTP service to be enabled.

Are you sure that you do not have any other script making HTTP requests? Could this be the work of a malicious plugin/model then?

Two days ago was the last time I published an update. A day later in the morning the servers randomly shutdown and “broke”. This has to be a roblox issue.


Your game sends too much requests to a webserver
It’s not a ROBLOX issue. Try disabling HTTPService to see if it works.

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If I used the search method in all scripts, what would I type to find any scripts that use http service?

  1. Wait there’s a “Search in all Scripts” method?
  2. Not a HTTPService user, let me check.

Yeah, if you open a script and look at the menu bar there’s a find button, if you press it there’s an option to “Find in All”

Okay so http service is disabled, problem still happening.

GetAsync() sends HTTP GET requests, try searching that one?

Game performance goes down sometimes if you have a lot of ungrouped models, or a lot of scripts. From experience, if you group parts together, lag will be reduced by a lot. If you use efficient scripting methods, and not have tons of scripts, the game shouldn’t lag.

He said the lag came randomly, not from a script update.

Do you use any toolbox models in your game?

No, I don’t remember using any.

I would do what @Sxdistical recommended and revert versions back by a few. You said you haven’t updated in 2 days maybe revert to one version before that one and see what happens?

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I am going to sleep it’s like half 2 in the morning. I hope someone comes up with a working solution. :confused:

Do you have any scuffed plugins installed? Some malicious ones are often created to crash servers. Id sugget uninstalling your plugins, enabling “Hidden objects” in your studio settings and make sure there are no injected scripts hidden away.

This is an interesting case, however it does not seem I can join for long enough to open the dev console to see certain stats.

This seems to be a server sided issue, not client. I only got 4% cpu usage while loading and those 4% were probably mostly from chrome.


Here are a few questions I have

  1. Any plugins?
  2. What was the error after you turned off HTTP requests?
  3. How much memory does it show in studio’s dev console?
  4. Are you the sole developer for this project? If not, ask all other devs about free models they’ve taken/plugins installed. Recently there’s been a few complaints about a user by the name of @nl2p taking plugins then reuploading them with viruses. Make sure none of your developers have a plugin from them.

Also search through all scripts is CTRL+SHIFT+F

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What? No. Grouping has nothing to do with performance whatsoever, it’s a form of organisation.

The amount of scripts is only minimally related to performance. A game with several scripts is capable of performing better than a one with less scripts. All code still goes through the same interpreter, task scheduler, VM, whatever. It’s just that you’re creating more entry points in your code now and falling into practice traps, race conditions, edge cases, corner cases, so on are more likely to occur.