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About Me

Hello, I’m Notrealac0unt, 14 been on roblox since 2015 and almost a year ago I started scripting on Roblox. You may have seen me here before asking for help with another game of mine which I scrapped due to a different idea I had. I hope to see this game get an average player base.

The Team
@Notrealac0unt - Everything so far

You can see the game here: Element Simulator - Roblox

About The Job

Now I want to make sure the game isn’t buggy, laggy, broken, etc. I’ve been the only one testing it so far due to me being a solo dev. I want some help looking through the game, now in a previous post similar someone linked me a discord for testing but most of the people there were pretty toxic (at least to me) about the game, which I understand looking back it wasn’t all that good, I just don’t want to deal
with that toxicity, I understand there’ll be toxic people out there it’s just when you have almost everybody saying things that don’t provide actual feedback it gets frustrating, so I’m looking for people to help me bug test, again I’m fine if someone as something negative to say, I can take it, it’s just I don’t want someone to JUST provide negativity and nothing to actally HELP me learn why the game is bad, broken, etc. Again, I want some people to help me bug test and provide TRUE feedback and what’s broken, bad, laggy, etc.


I can’t promise actual pay, I know this will turn some of you away but general help is appreciated, it really means a lot.

Contact Me

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, I’ll do my best to respond ASAP to anyone, and if you have any questions about the game contact me and I’ll provide details.

Thanks for reading through all of this! Any help is appreciated!

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I would consider checking out the QA Testers of Robloxia.


I should have mentioned, that was the group. It’s not a bad group just most of the people there who messaged me weren’t really the nicest of people some were and provided feedback, most just said negative things and nothing helpful to what they didn’t like.

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You should expect negative feedback from the quality assurance team as our purpose is to assure the quality by pointing out the bad things, not praise things done right. By pointing out only the bad things with your game, it allows you to know what needs to be improved and fixed.


100% what this guy said

Even if they are rude, you can’t ignore their feedback.

If they were such mean people they wouldn’t even waste their time giving you feedback. You need to realize these are human beings spending their precious hours playing YOUR game so that they could give you feedback for FREE.

Acknowledge the problems in your game. Fix them. Don’t ignore them and shy away from them.


I’ll clarify, I’m not saying I can’t handle people being rude, I’m saying people didn’t actually provide what was wrong, I’m not trying to ignore feedback, I know that’s what’s needed. I understand if someone hates it, it’s just some didn’t tell me what was wrong, broken, etc. If I said to you and your game “it’s broken and I dislike it” what can you do? You have no context as to why I dislike it. I’m trying to say no context was provided, people are people and I understand, I try to fix things the second I see them or are told, I hope this doesn’t come off as rude, just trying to clarify.

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Let’s say I try to go to mcdonalds. They have the new mcdonalds kiosk so I don’t need to talk to annoying people. Less people. Yay for antisocials.

I try to press the menu button for burgers. And it doesn’t register. I click it three times and now I’m presented with a menu for drinks. I click fanta and get an ice cream cone instead. What would I say about the machine?

“it’s broken and I dislike it”

There are multiple things broken and it’s a pain to elaborate because to me, the customer, the whole thing seems broken (because of these few things). Play your game and ask yourself “is everything obvious?”, “does everything work?”, “is it fun?”

Also, while individuals might be toxic/rude/negative, people in general tend to balance out. So if you received overwhelming hostility from this group, that’s an indicator your game needs some major improvement. People on the internet don’t observe the best of manners, but QA testers of robloxia gives legitimate criticism, and even people who give “toxic” feedback can be the fuel for your game’s improvement.

Good luck.

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