Bug where moving objects will teleport it outside of skybox

Hey everyone! I’m facing this glitch right now and it is super annoying because whenever I try to move around an object whether it’s by dragging it or moving it with the xyz gizmos, it glitches way outside the skybox. The position is either a very big number or it’s nan,nan,nan. Idk why it’s doing that but it’s frustrating me a lot.

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SAME, I have reinstalled studio and also restarted my pc, nothing works

I also tried resetting studio settings

I think it must be an issue with Roblox then, because one time I couldn’t import any meshes at all and everyone was experiencing the same issue at the same time so hopefully it gets fixed soon. This could have something to do with it:

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Why would the move tool break if the servers are down, this is weird… really weird

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I’ve witnessed it in all of my save files so far. I would need to manually change the position through Properties which is annoying.