Bug with Inverted Meshes

When I join my game, Diceboy, the mesh that is supposed to emulate the outline of the character does not get flipped. I’ve tested this from the client, and it says that the mesh’s scale is -4.5,-4.75,-4.5, when it’s not flipped. I’ve even tried to mess with the CFrame (inversing the 4th, 8th, and 12th component) and the CFrame of the outline still won’t render correctly.

This bug only happens outside of Studio, and it happens to every single person that joins the game.

This bug happens on the main website. MOVED GAME! - Roblox

This bug just started happening within the last hour.

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It happened to me inside studio but you can manually change this.

The meshes have only been acting up in that past hour (now past 3 hours). The outlines have been working correctly before, and when I print the scale of its mesh in the console, it still says everything should be inverted when it’s not.

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Can you post or send me this model?

Diceboy.rbxm (38.4 KB)

The bug seems to have been resolved.

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