Bug with ropeconstraint

Hello, I’m DarkBegin and I’m working on a punching bag with rope.
So in these screenshots you can see my rope is far from my entire model. There’s no real reason.
My punching bag :

My rope :
The part rope :

Any thoughts ?

Go into your Model tab in the workspace and click on the Constraint Details button as well as the Draw on Top button to show where the Attachments are then move the Attachments to the location you want them:

You also don’t have to create another Part to contain the RopeConstraint, it can just be in the same Part as one of the Attachments, which it looks like you’ve created extra Parts for Attachment1 and Attachment3 as well…

Oh I see. My problem was so silly, thank you then ! But my problem is not entire resolved.

We can take theses notes :

Move the Attachments into the top bar support and the bag itself, delete the 2 Parts you have the Attachments in.
Move the RopeConstraint into the top bar support as well and delete the PartRope.
Click on the RopeConstraint and make sure the RopeConstraint Attachment0 and Attachment1 have the 2 Attachments listed after them in the Properties window. If nothing is named after the Attachment0 and Attachment1 Properties, click on each one and then select each of the 2 Attachments to connect the rope to the Attachment.