Bug with "Spend Group Funds"

I found a bug in Roblox Website. When you assign anyone with role authorized with “Spend Group Funds” he cant spend group funds.

Reproduction Steps
I clicked Groups, then clicked Configure group button in my group then assign anyone with role that authorized to “Spend Group Funds” then i asked to my friend to try spend any funds in my group. He clicked to Groups then clicked to “Configure Group” button on group page, when he hovers her mouse to “Revenue” button, we see he only have access to “Summary” and “Sales” tab.

Detailed Description
“Spend Group Funds” permission doesn’t work properly, “Spend Group Funds” just allows to access “Summary” and “Sales” tab. Doesn’t allows moderators to open “Payouts” tab.

Required Informations
1- This bug happens in “Configure Group” tab. GROUP
2- This bug started happening more a month ago.
3- We tested this bug in Brave then we tested in Microsoft Edge too.
4- Group: AnimePanda - Roblox


Poggers Screen

Joaxelin’s Screen

This has been a “bug” since as far as I can remember. It is difficult to tell whether this was an intended feature of the “Spend Group Funds” attribute or it has always been this way.

Either way, I think that the website should be updated with a “View Revenue Analytics” and a "Spend Group Funds" attribute.

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Spend Group Funds is for buying badges, and running ads, it is not for paying out members, only the group owner can do that.


Confirming this is intentional - only the owner of a group can manage payouts.

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