Bugs with making a Roblox GFX

Hello, I am Noah and I have been trying to make a GFX. I followed all the steps with PainRigv3, and when I uploaded the hats, the texture of some items were glitched and the texture for one item was put on many. Do you know how I could possibly fix this, and if there is a better tutorial, link it? Thanks.

What it is supposed to look like:

What it looks like in Blender:


Once you set it to render mode, you won’t see it transparent. (I Believe)

Oh, not the transparency. It’s the texture on the hats. And I tried looking in render mode, same thing happened with the textures.

Did you use Already Pro’s Character Loader and have you tried exporting and importing the hats again?

Yes, I have. I have repeated the process many times as well.

the texture is due to the transparency. make it untransparent to fix problem
how to make untransparent (opaque):

go to material of hat or person:

open settings:

change alpha blend to opaque

Ok, thank you! Will try this soon, thanks a ton.

This is because there is no space for the hat’s textures on the UV map, so it is using textures for another accessory. Try moving the problem accessories out of the rig and export them separatley.

Wouldnt have this just been him importing the hairs texture instead of all of the textures?

For all of those encountering the same issue, I’ve replied with a visual guide in relation to what @IceTheOneAndOnly stated to finding and changing the Alpha blend settings in the pictures below:

Location of the Material Tab

Scroll down to the alpha blend settings here: (Change both to opaque)

Repeat this process by selecting all of the materials in your character’s rig and setting all of their blend modes to Opaque to reverse the transparency issue

In the end, my avatar is now all-around opaque

I hope this helped! :smiley:


yeah i didn’t bother making an image tutorial i was too lazy

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When the accessory is in the rig, it exports with the texture of a few other accessories (as much that can fit on the UV map) and the body texture.

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Have you tried:

  • Export the hats 1 by 1 as an obj, naming them different hats before exporting, so the mtl and obj recognise each other.
  • Separating the different hats into separate folders before importing them into blender

I believe there is a simple fix to this. If your hats are a singular object, then go into their material settings and change the texture to the proper texture. If they are multiple objects, go into each mesh and change the texture to the proper texture then.

Hopes this helps! :slight_smile:

To fix this you have to rename these to whatever you want. image
and make sure you do this for every item you export as the textures you use if they are named the same thing one of the texture pngs writes over the other one making both the hats look the same. Also click on the arrow down and rename the “Handle”

Yes, I have tried each and every one of these.

Thanks for the detailed tutorial! I will try this out and see if it works, thanks.

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Have you tried removing the texture for the hats then putting them back on?

Go to nodes, there should be a texture and texture1 (different name of course) delete texture1

Sorry if this was unclear
Let me know if so

Basically just search up “transparent hat roblox gfx” and you’ll find results this is a common issue