Bugs with new HumanoidDescription system


So bug 1: If the user is holding a tool and their right hand happens to change when ApplyDescription is used this will break the RightGrip weld in the hand where if not unequipped will intersect the kill plane. This is fairly reliable and I wrote a small repro project. This does not change if the right hand is not replaced.

Bug 2: Sometimes the character will die when their appearance is changed, again using ApplyDescription. I’m not entirely sure what the cause of this is, however the repro above will display this behavior occasionally.

The following place spawns in your character, then every 5 seconds changes your appearance to some more recent player. If you are wearing a rare package you can usually immediately trigger the bug on spawn by holding out the tool, it will be dropped. This is the one script, in Starter Character Scripts

while true do
	local appearance
		appearance = game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(
            math.random(458889005, 958889005)
	until appearance


CharacterAppearanceBugRepro.rbxl (13.4 KB)


Thanks for letting us know about these issues. Bug 2 should be fixed tomorrow. Bug 1 we will take a look into


I found tools dropping could be circumvented by automatically unequipping the active tool when the right hand is deleted and requipping when a right hand is readded.

As for humanoids dying when their description changes is there any update or workaround for this? I’m actively using it in a game for a disguise system and it’s a big problem for my players. Should I revert to my previous disguise system while this gets sorted out?


A fix went in for this last week. Are you still seeing the problem? Do you have some repro steps? Or maybe an rbxl file which shows how you’re getting the issue?


Apologies, It looks like the bug is gone. I kept getting reports from users who must not have known it was fixed yet so I assumed that it was still buggy.