Build and gfx package. (cheap!) (FOR HIRE)(10% OFF)

About Us

Adorations, me, and @ervful are currently selling our game GFX and build designs for any build you desire. From cafés to Low Poly simulator designs.
Each of our order is hand-crafted from one day to one-week maximum.
This will include a thumbnail, gamepasses, a logo and group icon.
Also with a fully built game with a tiny bit of scripts.





@BRlGHTSKY is available for at least all day throughout the weekdays, however, on weekends he takes a long break.
@ervful is available on weekdays from 4PM BST to 7PM BST. Different from weekends, his schedule is: 12:00PM BST- 6:PM BST.


Prices are negotiable.
Small build and full GFXS: 4k
Medium build and full GFXS: 8k
Large build and full GFXS: 10k
Huge build and full GFXS: 15k
We are only accepting limiteds and group funds as of right now.

Each build w/out GFXs is worth 500 less.


You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord @Ven.#4323

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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