Build and sell maps or sell assets or kits

Been selling maps for a while, and I’ve always had much success in selling assets then full sized maps. Wanna know from other builders or modellers what do you have success selling and whats your process in deciding what to build if not being hired by a client. I know many builders try to get back the amount of time they invest into a build from the return of $$

  • Sell Maps
  • Sell Kits
  • Sell Assets
  • Only work for clients
  • Non of the above

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I’ve said many times on the forums that selling pre-made maps is pretty pointless unless you have a client that specifically asks for one. Game requirements vary substantially, so anyone selling full, already made maps in many cases will only be able to sell to a very small target market. Nobody wants to spend $500+ USD on a map that they’d need to still hire another artist just to make the map fit with the game.

If I don’t have any commissions as a map artist, I make asset packs to sell (ensuring they’re fully modular) or practice.