Build Disappearing when Zoomed Out

Hello everyone! I am having trouble with my bakery game that I am creating. When up close it looks like this.

Then, when it is zoomed out, many parts disappear.

Is there any way that you can prevent this? I don’t want my build disappearing like this.
Thanks for reading!


Is this a picture of the game in studio? Try playing the game to see if it still happens. And while playing it in-game, turn up graphics to 10. Then see if it disappears. Low graphic settings tend to remove far away objects.

Whats your Graphics level at your game? This happens when the graphics is very low on games and on studio.


  • Check in studio if your graphics property is at a low level.
    If it does have low level that can be the cause.


  • If you are playing this on ROBLOX in a game, go to your settings and check the graphics, check if its on max or at a low rate.

Hope it gets fixed! :+1:


Hi! Where can I change the graphics in studio?

Did this happen in studio or in game?

It actually looks fine in game, but not in studio.

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You can increase graphics quality in Studio by going to FILE > Settings > Rendering and then increasing EditQualityLevel to 21 (equivalent to graphics level 10 in-game).

Here are the steps for Studio Graphics:

  • Go to File (right side top)
  • Go down to Settings
  • Go to Rendering
  • Look at the Performances
  • Change the Quality Level AND Edit Quality Level to Level 21.

Now, I use Level 21 as for high graphics for my workings on studio. Remember, quality levels depend on your device’s speed

is that a meshpart?