Build Restoration(?): King Arthur's Castle

Recently learned about some of the oldest Roblox levels from 2005, including one called “King Arthur’s Castle” from every source I found. Apparently, despite being used in some Roblox media, no actual games with the build exist anymore, so decided to try my hand at recreating what details I could make out of the showcase, along with some liberties that (attempt to) follow old building.

The back is empty since my sources were limited

Original screenshots + other build

The only screenshot I’ve seen of the full build:



Where I found it

Parts of the build I recognized from the Insureblox billboard and an old build of Crossroads:

Wanted to ask, besides general criticism, what I should do about the blank space at the back, if anything at all? Also, wondering if anyone has details on the original build? Cheers.


I don’t remember what it was called, but at one point there was a plugin that put the bezels back on parts, and I think this build would really benefit from it.

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You need the 2005ian ball head characters.