Build Thoughts [HAUNTED HOUSE]

What do you think?

I did this for a customer on my recent thread (1 free build [LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCE] [CLOSED]) And I really enjoyed making this haunted house sort of house. I spent around 2 hours on it in total, and only ROBLOX studio used, be sure to tell me what you think!

With Lighting Tweaks

house done

With Normal Lighting


Reference Image



Thanks for reading, constructive criticism only, please! :slight_smile:


In addition, when do you think I should start selling?

I think it looks like nice. You should of added more textures towards to the roof. Overall looks good. 7/10

Thank you! My first model build, so that is great for the first one :slight_smile:

Look great but I would change this part


Make it a bit straighter and make it thinner but overall that is my only complaint looks great

Ps sorry for my terrible circle I am using a tablet

Looks very good, though I recommend adding a few decorations to make it look more spooky, like, a dead tree. But overall, it’s a great.

if I was making a map, I definitely would! But this was only a commission on its own.

This house definitely looks “scary”. It kinda reminds me of many haunted cartoon houses, mainly because of the mix with a huge roof on top of a small house. Let me show you what I mean:

Overall, the build is okay. Because of the lighting tweaks, it gives the build a tiny tint of color to it. I don’t know how to explain it, but it makes everything have a grayish green color which gave me a “zombie apocalypse” vibe, which is pretty neat.
This haunted house isn’t overwhelmingly spooky or shoves the spookiness at your face, it fits perfectly for a decent horror game or map. You did well!


Thank you! Those words mean a lot! :relaxed:

Really like the design, needs an interior though with wood grain needing to be aligned much more properly otherwise WoodReviewer will come and get you at night. Also you can see that it is much more patchy and rugged in the references you could experiment with using parts to create the wooden plank effects popping out from the exterior.

Okay! Thanks so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe, you should add a little more color, make it a darker color and then it might look even better. Either make that or add a little more to it. It’s just too small, also you can change the roof a little. It looks too blank. Hope this helps, overall it’s a great build, but it has more potential!

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Just checked out your haunted house and looks really well elaborated!
The use of color looks okay, but I don’t really like the lighting hard to see through windows and the model that you got inspired for seems very similar to the one you made so congrats after all!

Thank you!! :fire: :slightly_smiling_face:

Make it a little bit bigger, otherwise, there will be just one room.

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Ok so here are my thoughts maybe add some spacing in the wood and missing parts of the roof. Also make all the building panels a union so they go in the same direction or at least a defined change in the lines like a sideways beam. Also maybe make different peaces of wood different colors by changing their size and change the color in properties slightly cause usually wood from the 1800s wasn’t all the same there for rots at a different pace and different hue. Hope this helped from John.




I think it looks great! You should probably change the roof colour to be slightly darker.

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It seems a bit small, but overall looks good. You might want to make it look older and more run-down.

I like the design of the house because as it is an old design, it does not take much size because some parts are damaged. the lightning when combined with the dark and the moonlight will make it unique. Excellent work

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Try also adding different colours because we cannot have a house that only contains 1 colour.

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