[Builder and Outfit and VFX Modeler] Anime Rift or Anime Obby

Wo! Games is looking for a entire development team to bring this project to the life.

The game is “Anime Rift” or “Anime Obby”

Idea 1:
Anime Rift

the mechanics are those of pet simulator x, but there will be different areas with different anime enemies, the player will be able to use fists at the beginning, the enemies will drop VFX, which will have different damage ranges, as soon as you have the necessary money you can open pet eggs, open new zones, each zone will have different characters, with different vfx

Idea 2:
Anime Obby
an anime themed hobby, anime animation, gamepass and other stuff.

The Team:

  • Me as UI Designer and Team Manager
  • TheRedCr0wn as Scripter (this guy got literally no limits, he worked with me in 2 games)
  • May be You as a Builder
  • May be You as a Outfit Modeler
  • May be You as a VFX Modeler

or if the obby game

  • May be You as a Builder

Builder - 30%
Modeler (Outfit) - 10%
Modeler (VFX) - 10%
Me (UI and Investor) - 15%
Scripter - 35%

Around 40-50k will be used the first week in advertisment.

Interested in 1 of this ideas? -



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