Builder - Aztro Hotels

Salutations, DevForum! We are Aztro Hotels, an upcoming hospice group situated on Roblox!

” At Aztro, we strive to give guests and staff a memorable experience. We only give the best service along with the finest rooms to make your stay as amazing as it can possibly be! “

Unfortunately due to the global pandemic and higher ranked staff members becoming inactive, our group has fallen into disrepair. We are looking for a builder who can build us a one-off, unique hotel/resort around a space theme.
Our colour scheme is of a galaxy, blues, purples, whites and blacks. The hotel will need to contain a reception area, café, 20 (approx) standard rooms and 5 premium suites. We would like the group to reflect in the build, and a few ideas could be planets lining the walls and stars as lights. The hotel preferably needs to have a cartoon feel, as we would like to attract a younger audience to the hotel. We would also like the build to be interactive, and therefore as a builder you will work closely with our scripter.

Our budget it roughly 5-6k from our group funds although this number is negotiable and we are more than happy to add a percentage to this price.

Contact Us
Interested? Please contact me on Discord @Spork1400. Due to communication reasons, we require our builder to communicate via Discord.



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